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24/7 Locksmith Service 

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All Types of Locks & Physical Security Fitted.

For your convenience you can also have locks installed at the end of the working day, to save taking time off.

We supply and fit 5 Lever deadlocks and other British Standard locks which many insurance companies prefer, including the renowned Chubb Lock range, Yale, Banham, and more including budget options too.

If your door or frame is getting old we can strengthen it with reinforcing plates and give it a new lease of life.

Ground floor and other vulnerable windows can be secured with key operated locks fitted.

Since UPVC door lock weaknesses were highlighted by police and the media, new levels of security and standards have been introduced to combat the common methods of attack. We supply and fit these stronger ‘Euro Cylinders’ including the two highest tested levels - British Standard Kitemark TS007 3-Star, and Sold Secure Diamond SS312 which our Brisant - Ultion range acheives. The most relevant security feature on these locks is the Break-Secure and secondary Anti-Snap. Other features include protection against - bumping, drilling and picking.  

With our specialist UPVC door and window service you can also avoid costly double glazing unit replacements, because we will service or replace the locking hardware at a fraction of the cost. 

For vintage and heritage locks we can overhaul and repair your historic hardware, and fabricate or supply period parts.


Your place or mine?! 

Contact us to arrange a key cutting appointment at our office or at your place. Our machines are regularly serviced and tested for accuracy. We keep a large range of keys in stock, anything we don't have we can usually source for you including old or super rare ones! 

Heres a selection of the types of keys we provide.-

Household Keys - Cylinder and Mortice.

First Level Security.

Patio Double glazing.



Antique furniture and trunks.

Keys cut to number - inc locker and office furniture types.



Cars - Standard Pre 1990 

Classic / Collectors Cars 



Heavy Plant and Machinery. 


We can make first keys by hand to your lock, and re-key it so the old keys no longer work. This is usually cost effective for safe locks and heritage/ vintage locks you want to reuse.


We supply and fit collapsable locking grilles made to fit your windows and doors. These can be discreetly tucked away during the day ready for use. 

Security bars are made to size, or extendable bars can be used to suit a range of applications. 

A good addition to vulnerable entrances can be a security bar door and frame which not only boosts strength, it acts as a strong visual deterrent.

Most of the equipment we supply is painted white or black but other finishes can be arranged. 

Old and damaged units can often be refurbished to give a new lease of life and make a saving.



We supply and fit all types of safes. When considering buying it is important to consult your insurance company first for their specifications if you wish to use in connection with a policy.  

Other points you may consider are.- 

    •    What is the value of the item/s you wish to store.

    •    What is the collective size of the items.

    •    Do you need fire protection for Documents or Electronic Data.

    •    Do you need water protection.

    •    Where do you want the safe located.

    •    How often will you need access.

    •    Would you prefer key, pin code, combination dial, or biometric locking facility. 

Safes generally have a certified EN standard and cash rating. These indicate the type of safe, and the value that can be stored inside. 

Underwriters can cover currency within the cash rating , and up to 10x that amount for valuables.

We can supply the following specifiations.-

EN14450 - Secure Safe Cabinets.

Hold Cash / Valuables  

S1 = £2000 / 20,000 

S2 = £4000 / 40,000

EN1143-1 - High Security Safes

Hold Cash  /  Valuables

Grade 0 = £6000 / 60,000 

Grade 1 = £10,000 / 100,000 

Grade 2 = £17,500 / 175,000 

Grade 3 = £35,000 / 350,000

Grade 4 = £60,000 / 600,000

Grade 5 = £100,000 / 1,000000

Grade 6 = £150,000 / 1,500,000

Grade 7 = £250,000 / 2,500,000

EN1143-2 Deposit Safes

Grades 1 - 5.

The main formats are Wall-Safes, Underfloor, and Free-Standing. The most versatile and cost effective is the Free-Standing safe because it can be positioned in many areas of a property.

All safes weighing up to 1 Tonne should be professionally installed and anchored down. 

We also offer a redundant safe removal service, or old units can be reconditioned and new keys supplied so any previous keys will no longer work. 

Our lockout service covers lost combinations, damaged or lost keys and various malfunctions. ​​​​​​​

We have a good contacts throughout the industry, and as an independent company we can offer you neutral advice to help make the right decision when choosing a safe. Supply and installation doesn't have to cost the earth, so please feel free to contact us for advice or a quote.


We can source all types of replacement locks and keys for classic British, European, American and Asian vehicles. Duplicates for existing keys are available, or if keys are missing then we can cut quality keys by code or carefully remove the lock and make keys by hand. 



Many tradesmen build up a valuable and personal collection of tools over the years, but all too often they can be stolen in a matter of minutes. We fit additional security to suit your budget, from window grills, lock guards and strengtheners, deadlocks on each door and tool safes. Small vaults or deposit safes can be securely installed for companies who carry money during their working day.



Grilles - Locks - Safes - Steel fabrication.
We offer an Ultra-Sound steel hull thickness testing service with no need to remove the blackening coating. This is worth doing for your peace of mind whenever your boat is out of the water. Please note.- this is a non-certified service.


Fitted ground or wall anchor points, and racks.



Please contact us to discuss any ideas you have in mind, remember two heads are better than one! Once its all figured out we can give you a free no obligation quote.